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Other Services

Due to the sheer volume of items we can make, it is hard to list them all! We help our clients to create something that will suit their need, whether it is something small like a business card holder or donation box, right up to producing acrylic stands for promoting a particular good or service.

We do recommend having a browse through our gallery, which will give you an idea of some of our most popular pieces, as well as some of our most bespoke designs. We are here to walk you through the process from initial concept and design, right through to production of the end piece.

Cleanroom Equipment

Cleanroom trolleys and cabinetry,
Work surfaces,
Tanks and vessels.

Our work is all completely customised, so each client’s requirements will vary.


Parts machined in aluminium and all types of plastics.
CNC machined or laser cut and etched.

Mdf and solid wood machined, cut and etched.

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